Matt K

Matt K zeichnet sich nicht nur durch seine innovativen und abwechslungsreichen Sets aus. Er versteht es mit dem Publikum zu spielen und spiegelt die verschiedensten Facetten der elektronischen Musik wieder. Sei es mit groovigen Beats oder mit minimalem Techno oder House, er versteht es den Besuchern keine ruhige Minute zu lassen. Seinen experimentellen und abwechlungsreichen Sets hat er seine immer größer werdende Popularität zu verdanken, wobei seine Auftritte mit namhaften DJ´s wie Sven Väth, DJ Rush, Chris Liebing, Monika Kruse, Umek, Adam Beyer, Gayle San, André Galluzzi, Karotte u.v.m. einen nicht unwesentlichen Teil mit beigetragen haben.

Außerdem ist er A&R für Overdrive und gestaltet seit 2010 das Design der You Are Strange und Overdrive Releases.

When in 1992 Matt K was fascinated by electronic dance music he had his contacts with the new century’s club music. At this time the Mainzer (borned in Poland/Nysa moved to Germany/Mainz) was engaged with HipHop and the House music of the 70 th , which he celebrated in his first residential club the Mainz Caveau. Excited by the upcoming club music, the Techno style, he continued his DJ career in Wiesbaden basement and even than fascinated the people first as appetizer but soon with the main program.

By that ever better known in Wiesbaden area, the DJ through his innovative and excessive work got a first chance to host at XXL Nightgroove in 2000, followed by a guest performance at the Bonzai-Label-Party at the Bingen Palazzo, where he earned a lasting engagement in the same place.

Named MAK II also in 2000 together with his studio partner Martin Adams they had their first release with the label Over-X-Posure. Together with DJ Mab and Martin Adams renamed to Ohrwerk-Orange and recorded the track Werk1-first orange at the label compilation 10 Jahre Overdrive. This was followed by the first single F.D.G. of the project Ohrwerk Orange also labelled by Overdrive. After that he remixed different performers like Mac Green (Overdrive) and Voodooman (Highball Rec.), soon followed by two releases called Orange House and labelled by Cherry Poppers. Today his has releases on labels like Overdrive, Circus Records, Musique Unique and Schwarze Scheibe.

His numerous performances and extensive work in the Mainz and Wiesbaden area brought him already in 2000 into the at this time cuetest club- of whole Frankfort , the U60311. And there and with his program he heated up the people at the first Terminal M-Party. From this time with a permanent program the sympathetic Mainzer plays at U60311 with the who-is-who of Techno.

Matt K not only shows a broad variety of innovative sets but also plays with the crowd mirroring all the different facet’s of electronic music. Never letting the visitors alone be it with the groovy Beat or with minimalist Techno or House.

Thanks to his experimental and exciting sets and not speaking of the events he shares with most popular DJs like Sven Väth, DJ Rush, Chris Liebling, Monika Kruse, Umek, Adam Beyer, Gayle San, Andre Galluzzi, Karotte and many others, he also today still gains an ever increasing popularity.

Today he has some fixed residecies in clubs like U60311 (FFM), Fiszbah (MZ) and some other clubs arround the Rhein-Main-Area where he is playing with his d.j. friends like Tilman, Andy Düx, Sophie Nixdorf, Sascha Krohn, Pardroid, Daniel Soave, Thorsten Schuth, Michael Fluhr and many more …

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